Thank you for your time and interest in learning about Gagne Behavioral Health Care. GBHC provides the highest quality psychiatric care to residents of Assisted Living Communities in the metro Charlotte area as well as the Panhandle of South Carolina.

Residents of assisted living communities are often at high risk of being affected greatly by mental conditions and behavioral issues. This can be especially true when assisted living facilities don’t have adequate resources to treat mental health. There are often seniors who don’t receive the attention they need and as a result, the conditions they face can worsen. Often, this leads to poor health, low morale, and other problematic situations for the residents of these facilities. Whatever the case, a large percentage of seniors who live in assisted living communities face the issues at hand. No matter if the assisted living facilities in your area are not prepared to deal with mental and behavioral health issues, you can rest assured because Gagne Behavioral Health Care is here to help.

We provide the services that seniors need while also paying special attention to the individuals and families with behavioral health concerns. Senior living providers can focus on continually serving their seniors with the services they are equipped to provide, while we focus solely on the aspects of psychiatry. Based on the severity of a patient’s condition, we can also recommend specific treatments to aid the patient where they’re living. This greatly reduces the need for crisis evaluations, inpatient psych admissions, and reducing overall psychological distress for our patients and their families. These services can include on-site psychiatric consultation sessions, medication management assistance, and psychotherapy geared toward helping meet the needs that a senior may have. Our goal at all points is to improve the state of senior behavioral health so that there is a clear and profound difference for our patients.

The way that we take care of seniors at these communities is simple, we come to them to keep the experience as comfortable as possible for our patients. We visit facilities in the Charlotte, NC metro area as well as the panhandle of South Carolina to improve access to senior behavioral health. Whatever a senior is dealing with, our team works to make it a priority — and because of this the patient’s experience at the community is greatly improved.

Ask us today about our professional behavioral health care for your residents and see what services we can help you with! Our team is dedicated to creating the best mental health care experience for older adults available in the Charlotte metro area as well as parts of South Carolina. Reach out for details.