Behavior and psychiatric evaluations for seniors consists of distinguishing one mental condition from another. Since many behavioral health problems manifest similarly to others it is important to be concise. Whether it’s a chemical imbalance or whether the behavioral health problem is masquerading as something else entirely, we assess the quality of each senior’s mental health to make sure that they receive the proper treatment. We believe that health care should be catered to the needs of the senior, which is why we perform an in depth psychiatric evaluation that keeps our patients informed and comfortable.

Our service consists of taking the time to learn what’s interfering with functional ability and quality of life of the patient. Whether a person feels like they’re dealing with dementia, depression, or another serious condition, we have ways of figuring out not only what the actual condition is, but what it means for the senior’s behavioral health. We specialize in geriatric psychiatry and can recognize a wide range of symptoms that impact quality of life and overall functional ability.

How It Helps

Identifying and treating psychiatric conditions is an important part of overall health for any adult, and especially for seniors. They are often more at risk of behavioral health symptoms such as prolonged sadness, irritability, loss of interest in favorite activities and more. While some of these can occur without an illness present, many times these symptoms are indicative of a root cause that is medical in nature. Depression and anxiety are more common as we enter our senior years. In addition, those who experience chronic illnesses or disabilities (especially later in life) can also be prone to more acute instances of depression and other such disorders. Finding and recommending these options for senior behavioral health is why Gagne Behavioral Health Care specializes in geriatric psychiatry — we aim to help seniors protect their lives and their quality of life with our treatments.


Whether you’re interested in learning more or have a serious inquiry in regards to yourself or a loved one, the professionals at Gagne Behavioral Health Care are here to help. While there are some questions that are more common than others, the following seem to be among the most frequently asked:

Will my loved one need special treatment?

Depending on the condition or symptoms discovered in the evaluation, a senior behavioral health professional may find that the best course of action is to enact a form of treatment. In these cases, the treatment may include pharmacological intervention, behavioral modification plans, caregiver education, and or psychotherapy sessions to provide a comprehensive approach to continued and improved psychiatric welfare.

How can I help my loved one get better?

The best way to ensure that your loved one gets better is to learn from the psychiatric evaluations conducted by the professionals at Gagne Behavioral Health Care and to follow the courses of action recommended in accordance with the patient’s needs. It’s important also to provide a continual sense of comfort and familiarity for the senior, as these environments will allow for the most psychiatric progress possible.

Where do we go for help?

Through Gagne Behavioral Health Care, you’re able to receive psychiatric assistance on-site at all of our assisted living facilities located in the Charlotte metro area, in-home senior care, or remote help through our telepsychiatry services. Remote assistance can be provided to those living in NH, VT, NV, SC, NC, AZ, ME and FL.

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