Why Gagne Behavioral Health Care?

Personalized Memory Care and Geriatric Psychiatry

Licensed and providing services in the following states:

North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona

Gagne Behavioral Health Care takes pride in providing your family and loved ones with the specialized care you expect and deserve. Focusing on memory care, geriatric psychiatry, and other senior care services for individuals residing in the community or Assisted Living Facilities. Our licensed professionals provide patients with expert, consistent psychiatric consultation to maintain quality of life and functional ability for years to come.

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Our Approach

At Gagne Behavioral Health Care we take pride in supporting caregivers with the specialized solutions they expect and deserve. Focusing on memory care, geriatric psychiatry, and other forms of supportive psychiatric services for seniors residing in the community or Assisted Living Facilities is our top priority. For both the patient with dementia and their caregivers; we provide symptom management and caregiver support services to improve quality of life and functional ability.

Assisting the caregivers as they navigate this dementia journey with their loved ones is our Specialty!

We offer treatment to people with a number of conditions common in older adults such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression, Anxiety, Memory Loss and Delirium.

We take our patients and caregivers through all options for treatment including behavioral and psychiatric evaluation, telepsychiatry, in-home visits, medication management, and/or therapy services where we follow up every step of the way.

With that in mind, our team attends to the mental health needs of our patients in the comfort of a familiar environment by seeing them where they live; eliminating the stress of off-site medical appointments.

We are here to help take the pressure off of the caregiver with the valuable professional services Gagne Behavioral Health Care has to offer. Contact us today!

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Caregiver Support & Patient Education

We educate our patients throughout each phase of senior care services and focus on preventing decompensation. Our assistance includes treatment, consultation, medication management, and therapy plans for the following psychiatric concerns and conditions →

 Memory Loss
Management strategy and memory care
Causes, Treatment, Prevention and Managementt
 Exploring the Personality and Self
The connection to behaviors
Managing difficult symptoms effectively
How sleep can affect mood and behaviors
 Introduction to Psychopharmacology
 Bereavement and loss
 Depression VS Adjustment Disorder

At Gagne Behavioral Health Care, we take pride in being able to offer remote senior care services for mobility-challenged patients through Telepsychiatry or video-based, online interaction with one of our licensed professionals.


We understand the unique needs of seniors residing at home and in Assisted Living Facilities.

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